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            The work of MCM Crew BULWARK is essential to the NAVY's combat effectiveness.  We are a nation at war and it is our responsibility to ensure our ship is fully mission capable.  We must be able to answer all bells when our nation calls.  This philosophy is designed to give you my expectations to ensure we are meeting that goal.

1) Be Committed.  I am committed to caring for the ship, her crew and our Navy families.  I expect you to be equally as committed to your ship, your shipmates and to yourself.  Our part, collectively, is ensuring BULWARK is always combat ready and combat effective.  Your part, individually, is coming to work each day behaving and performing as professionals.  You must continuously give the ship and your shipmates your best effort on and off duty.

2) Be Safe.  Our job and work environment is surrounded with danger and risk.  However, we must manage this danger and risk by maintaining operational safety standards.  If there is a doubt about safety during any maintenance, training or evolution, have the courage to bring it to my attention or to an Officer or Chief to ensure the highest level of safety can be maintained.

3) Train to Fight and Fight how we Train.  Combat Readiness and Combat Effectiveness can only be achieved through training.  Training is what we do to ensure that we all return when the fighting is over.  Be it formal, on-the-job or self-study, we must train ourselves to meet every challenge.  I expect you to take every opportunity to pass knowledge to your shipmates and make BULWARK more flexible and ready to meet any challenge.

            Secondly, effectiveness means we must train the right way the first time and every time.  The Navy has given us procedures, regulations and publications.  These provide the rules, and I expect all of you to find those that apply to your job and follow them.

4) Keep each other informed.  It is absolutely imperative as the Captain that I am kept informed of all changes in BULWARK or her Crew at all times.  If you are in doubt about whether I should know about it, COME TELL ME.  On the flip side, it is my job to keep you informed so you can keep your families informed, and we can perform effectively and safely.

            Above all, always remember who you represent your ship, your shipmates and our families.  We honor them by doing our jobs professionally and efficiently to preserve our way of life and return home.  I will do my best to provide you everything you need to accomplish your jobs and excel as a team and as Sailors.

                                     BRANDON L. MURRAY

                                     Commanding Officer

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