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Principles of Leadership


1.  Run your outfit.


2.  Don't take no for an answer.


3.  Set high standards and teach/push/ drive/ pull.


4.  Don't be ashamed to expect a person to do their own job.


5.  Hold your people person responsible for their:




6.  You get what you EXPECT.  (INSPECT)


7.  You must make it clear, what you expect.


8.  Exactly how, by whom, and when - will it get done?  Make “Wants” become do’s.  Especially, learn how information is passed.


9.  Delegate.  Delegate.  Delegate.


10.  Assign tasks so that there is real accountability that sticks.

      job definition, assignment, accountability, deadline, etc...


11.  What is the least response they can give to my order?


12.  Require rework on THEIR time.  Do today's job today!


13.  Call me when:          

               You get stuck or think you are.       

               You get to step               .

               At                       (time).


14.  When you begin to wonder what your people are doing, it's time to go find out.


15.  Perfect practice makes perfect.


16.  When reviewing, proofreading, and inspecting, assume there is something wrong worth finding and fixing.


17.  If you want more authority you must use what you have effectively to solve your boss' problems in order of your boss' priorities, using your boss' rules on how to play the game.


18.  Every thing you do communicates.


19.  Be cheerful. Be enthusiastic.



1.  Know your job.

2.  Find problems and solve them yourself.

3.  Present solutions, not problems.  Don't ask, recommend.

4.  Don't give up too soon.

5.  Figure out what you are going to do to make what you want to happen actually happen.

6.  Solve your boss' problems.

7.  Keep your boss informed.

8.  Keep track of your commitments.

9.  Remember assignments exactly.

10.  Be on time, or get an extension.

11.  If the job he gives you is too hard, tell him what it will cost and give alternatives.

12.  If you want to modify an order, tell him what you think is right first.

13.  Do what he wants you to do, not necessarily what he says.

14.  Be responsible.  Know what is going on and know that it is right.

15.  Make sure all work is complete and accurate.  Stop and check.

16.  If you can't believe in the policy, believe in supporting the boss.

17.  Give your boss as much slack as you expect him to give you.

18.  Be enthusiastic.  Be cheerful.  It will improve your boss' frame of mind.


1.  What are the rules/What does the book say?

2.  Why?

3.  How can it go sour?

4.  How can it be better?

5.  What else can we do?

6.  What is the next step?

7.  How long will you wait?

8.  Who knows about it?

9.  What is your biggest problem?

10.  What are your people doing?

11.  When will it be finished (ready) (shipped) (installed)?

12.  What is the status?

13.  What are you going to do to make sure?

14.  What is your solution?

15.  What is the requisition number/supply status?




1.  As far as I know.

2.                 said.

3.  It's on order.

4.  It's always been that way.

5.  They're working on it.

6.  He's supposed to.  It should be.

7.  I told him to do it.

8.  It can't be done.

9.  God did it.

10.  The gear is no good.

11.  I shouldn't have to.

12.  I couldn't help it.

13.  I don't have time.

14.  I could get more done if              .

15.  I'll do it as soon as I can.

16.  Answer to a different question.

17.  Leave me alone, I'll keep you out of trouble.

18.  We never had to do that before.

19.  We're rewriting that instruction.

20.  Nobody else has that problem.

21.  It's not my job.

22.  I just got here.  I just came on watch.

23.  It just broke/happened/we had that last time I checked.

24.  It just conducted an inspection and there were no discrepancies.

25.  I didn't get the word.

26.  I thought...  I didn't think...

27.  We got most of them....  I didn't know that was a hot item.

28.  It works, it's fixed.


Send in your list, we'll add it to your page.

Remember- Command is personal and all about YOU for those you serve! Up, out, and down!

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