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CO Guidance for New Officers

1.  Number one assignment is to LEARN YOUR JOB.  You must also learn how to learn.

            -Consume all basic instructions: SORM, CO’s Standing Orders, Watch Officer’s Guide, Navy Leader Planning Guide, OPNAV Safety Instruction.  Look at each day as a learning experience.


            -Figure out how the ship really works.  See the Chain of Command in action.  Each level has its traditional and appointed role…..USE the CHIEF.  Whenever a sailor comes straight to you for a remedy, get your CPO/LPO reinvolved and lead them to a correct solution.  MANY TIMES THE GUY IS RIGHT…The CPO-LPO just don’t recognize it because the guy didn’t explain it well.   LISTEN TO THEM ALL.


            -Make out a time-line of when you will be qualified…It may be given to you by the Senior Watch Officer, or you may be forced to do it yourself…

                        DAMAGE CONTROL

                        DIVISION OFFICER

                        INPORT OOD



                        CONN FOR SPECIAL EVENTS







2.  Use every opportunity to learn…. Go to ESWS training when you have time, look at our ship’s picture and ID all “protrusions”.  Read the message board- especially NAVSAFECEN weekly message.  Read all professional magazines.

            -When you are assigned a specific job, read (and study) all the guiding instructions so you learn all about the expectations for that particular job.  

Then work to implement a way to meet the expectations.  Do not wait for someone to stop and tell you….that’s what makes us…

Naval Officers go out and keep themselves informed and are trained to use initiative. 

Use it to learn your job.


3.  Keep a log or journal that records how you learned what you learned.  It may just be a collection of wheel books or it may be really formal….But maintain a record so you can occasionally take time out to “renew, rekindle, and rejoice” on your commitment, your fire, and your accomplishments.


4.  Review my 37 often.  See if you’re more able to understand what I’m saying.  Look at other NAVY guiding ideas.  Restate them so they mean something to you.

Remember- Command is personal and all about YOU for those you serve! Up, out, and down!

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